Interesting and Strange websites

OK, I’ve been collecting wonderful and strange websites for today’s blog. these I’ve run into, gotten from friends, or heard about on BBC 2′s website of the day segment. So here goes:

  • This is a cool site, for how not to name your kids.

  • Hackneyed words: I don’t agree with “alleged”, as it as a legal meaning, and you have to use it until someone is convicted of a crime.
  • Patron Saint of Graphic Design: Just when you thought there was no one to hear your prayers, here is this site.
  • What NOT to do when networking: This is funny. Just do the opposite, of course.
  • J.K Rowlings site. All in flash. Rather fun. Not updated often enough, but then we want her to write her book, right? Watch out, when you go into the Flash part of the site, it will resize to fill up your screen. Very annoying.
  • Wadded paper: That’s all. Origami is folded paper? Well, this is for wadded paper. Strange things people will buy.

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