Instant Messaging, the new email

It used to be I would send someone an email if I wanted to get ahold of them, or call them on the phone. But lately I’ve been using Instant Messaging to just have a conversation that is short and to the point. This is all very well and good, but it leaves no trail. At least with email I can go back and check what I wrote before. But I can’t do that with IM, because at the end of the day, it just goes away, into the eather from which it came. It’s a small problem, but at least I don’t get spam, and if I don’t want to leave a trail, it is the way to go.

Except there is software out there that can catch the IM convessation, and there is even a virus that can catch it, and not only catch the conversation, but send it out to everyone on your buddy list. In the article it told how the man said nasty things about others on his buddy list, and it got sent out those those very people. Oppsie.

I guess the best thing about IM is that when your buddy is listed, you know they are there (or near by) and you can get thei nformation you want right away. Colleges are now using instant messaginto quicky answer questions, which used to be done by email, or snail mail. Ah, how the world has changed.

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