Instant Messaging that can be stored for the ages

Did you ever I’M someone and then later try to remember what you had said, the website that they’d mentioned, things like that, but of course the message was long gone, and you couldn’t retrieve it. I have done that form time to time, so I can understand why IM Smarter’s founder would want to create sometime to store these messages. He said:

“The logging will appeal to people who
passed notes in school and would keep them in a shoe box,” he said.
“And there are people who use IM for business purposes and want to
keep those conversations.”

But, as the article about him pointed out, most people don’t want their instant messages stored. That because it is ethereal, they speak more freely. It isn’t so much that one person can store the info and the other can’t. It’s that one person may do it, and the other wouldn’t know about it. He didn’t quite address this in the interview. He doesn’t have a way to make sure that someone at the other end isn’t saving the stuff. He only said:

conversations are much more personal,” he said. “People are not used
to having them hosted on servers. It’s always an issue.” Weekly said
people can disable logging and still use the other IM Smarter features.

And so, as I often do, I went to see if I could test this service, as I do use instant messaging. But alas, it is not available for me, yet. At least no for OS X and Yahoo, although if I wanted to use MSN Messenger and OS X, I could do it. Fine, but my friends aren’t signed up there. :(

But, a lot of other configurations are available, so others can test it.


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