In praise of DropBox

I think I’ve talked about DropBox, but one can never praise good software enough. I started using it when my hard drive died back and October, and I had to save all the files. A collegue said, well, if you had dropbox, that wouldn’t have saved your files, but it is great for passing files around from computer to computer. So I installed it. Up until recently, I have just been using it to move files between my computers.

But then, I started having problems with YouSendIt because of their policy of taking files down after 7 days. The client I was working with couldn’t always get to the file that quickly, so kept saying the file was gone.

And then the beauty of DropBox became so clear. You can create a folder on your hard drive (through DropBox), place the file there, and share it with those who link up. Or put it in public, and they can just download it any time.

My client is now happy, as she can access it any time. And, with the shared, she can upload her revised version for me.

Thank you DropBox.

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