IE only websites

There are some sites that will not work with anything except the latest IE browsers. (Internet Explorer 6.0). I suppose this is akin to people developing areas that can only be reached by car, and foot traffic is impossible if not dangerous. To me this isn’t the same thing as only designing software to run on certain computers. That I’ve known how to cope with. Gosh, when the Mac first came out in 1984 there were only three programs available for it, and I remember waiting and waiting for MS Word to come out for the Mac, sometime in the winter.

The problem here is that people like me, with Macs can’t use Internet Explorer 6.0. And often these sites are just nice, they are ones that we need to use, such as banking sites, or other services. I wouldn’t mind if they were sites such as the one I sited sometime back, the singer/songwriter, whose site wouldn’t even render in any of the browsers I had.

What is really odd about all these sites with IE6 only standards, is that Internet security advisors are saying not to use IE, because of all the security breaches inherent in the program. And yet, the sites that are IE 6 only sites, claim they do so for security.

When the claim that it didn’t matter was made on one of the web designing list, people jumped all over saying it didn’t matter if some people couldn’t access sites, as long as the majority did. They said all people can’t run the same software, so why should all people be able to use a site.

But to claim they do it because that is what most people use, is like claiming a restaurant only serves beef, because most people eat beef. There was an interesting promotion by Jaguar recently that was aimed at Mac people, because they felt that they were young and hip and free thinkers. They discovered that 72 percent of their audience came from Mac OS X.

But of course, you can’t have that kind of traffic, if Mac people, and to some extent the other outsiders like Unix and Linux people, can’t even get in the door.

Someone wrote a great analogy, which I will try to paraphrase here. They said it was like a restaurant that only served beef, but you couldn’t evensee the menu unless you had IE6, so you couldn’t even have the choice to go there, or, in some cases, even know it is a restaurant.

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