ICANN’s new policy

Yesterday, while going through all the email that are usually advertisements, I came across something from GoDaddy that I had to go check it out.

previous ICANN policy allowed us to deny requests to transfer your
domain names to another registrar unless you explicitly confirmed to us
your intent to transfer. The new ICANN policy removes that protection,"
GoDaddy stated in its e-mail notice.

November 12, when we receive a request to transfer your domain name to
a new registrar, we will still attempt to contact you to confirm that
you authorized the request. However, if you do not respond, or are not
able to respond within 5 days, your domain name WILL be transferred,"
the company explained.

Scarey stuff. Why haven’t I seen anything before this, if this has just gone into effect. ICANN says that this actually makes things better for people. That if peopole want to tranfer doains they dont’ have to get approval from both the place they are transfering to and the place they are trasfering from. The solution, according to GoDaddy, and other providors is to lock down your account, and that way it can’t be moved without you knowing it. Otherwise, five days later, someone else could have your domain name. Although, some reports are saying it is better this way, that people don’t have to get "permission" from their domain holders to move domain. And I suppose for some, this is better, but only if you are the one that is having trouble moving your domain. I use GoDaddy and haven

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