I should have waited to upgrade my itouch

I should have waited to upgrade. I was online Friday night and saw that apps were being offered in iTunes. I didn’t eve. Think about the fact that the new iPhone had also launced that day. All I could think about were those apps which I felt had taken forever to come out. So I started to pick ones that would be useful, such as type pad, then tried to load them into my itouch, but found I could not. Not without the 2.0 upgrade.
I bought the upgrade, followed the instructions…and found I had a nonfintioning itouch, a $300 brick. I tried for half an hour to get it to come back, but nothing worked. I did google searches for my problem, but it was too new. So,that was it for the night.
The next morning I tried again,but the only hope that mine was not an islated case was a brief article in the paper that said apple had been oberwheled with people upgrading and actbating thier phones. I called the local apple store and the person who answered basically said the same thing. He said to give apple a chance and the would fix it.
Sunday morning I checked again. Nothing new.
My partner said I’m sure apple is working on it, give them a chance. Why did you upgrade on the first day anyway.
Finally, Sunday night I tried one last time and my brick became an itouch again.
Was it worth it? I’m not sure yet. I will fool a bit more with the apps and see. So far I like the web version of typepad vs. the app but that is all I have tested. I started to write this with the app, but swiched to the web version instead
So, remember , never upgrade on the day the os comes out.

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