I love Toyota still, but can they not have little things break?

I suppose I should not have any loyalty to Toyota anymore, even though I’ve had their cars since I was in college. But, I like how they don’t break down, and how well they work, and my car, at least for now, hasn’t been recalled, but I have one little nit I want to pick with them.

There is a little spring on the gas door, on the original Prius, which is just a piece of bent metal. That is all that allow the door to open, and for the past few years it has sometimes worked and sometimes not, and usually not when I am just about out of fuel. Last week, it finally didn’t work at all, so I went over to the dealer and said help me.

He said, oh, yes, that sometimes sticks, but next time have someone just stand there, and open it when you try to open it. This is akin to telling me to live with the problem, which is not a solution. So I asked about the replacement part info, and went in and spent all of $7 to get the new part. I haven’t picked it up yet, seeing as the dealer is 45 minutes away, but I shall this weekend.

And hopefully that will be the end of the story.

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