I Google You, while you Google me

Yesterday I was writing about the advertisers knowing everything about you, but Google knows more.  Heck, I use it to see who is calling me when I get a phone call which I don’t recognize.

I first became aware of how much Google grabbed, when someone on one of my Google Groups was complaining that his messages to the group were showing up when he Googled himself. I didn’t think much of it again, until I got a strange IM message. Now, since I only give out my IM address in my business email signature, I knew it had to be someone having to do with business, so I let them in, so to speak.

But I was not idle. From the time that he sent the message, until the moment that he started to IM me, I had searched his name, found his website, and was reading up on him. As we chatted, he needed to have his website updated, he mentioned that when he had been referred to me, he had looked me up and was surprised to find me all over the web (in Google).

Well, that’s the point, I said. It is, after all, to be found.

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