I am my family’s GPS, when they are on the road, far from home

I have written about this before, when my mother and daughter got lost in Hawaii, and had to call me up so I could give them directions while looking at yahoo or google maps so they could get to their hotel room.  I guess because I work at home, and I am in front of a computer, my family knows where they can go to get information about what is happening on the road as well, as directions. My partner has often used me for that, when she is stuck in traffic over the hill, in San Jose. Use the radio? Why should she, when she has me, and the local page put out by the CHP.

Today, she called me from Washington State, and wanted to know why she was stuck in traffic. She was on I-5, so I did a search for that, and found a rollover truck. There was even a link to a web cam, so I could tell her how backed up things were, and whether it was worth getting off the freeway (it wasn’t), and how bad the back up was (blocked both lanes).

She said, she joked with her passenger that she was going to use her GPS, and reached for her phone, and her passenger was so impressed that she had that type of phone, and then laughed when she realized it was just me, and a computer.

Only time this doesn’t work, is of course, when I am on the road.

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