Hulu, finally

Finally, I got Hulu. I mean, I got the beta password, and I got to see what all the reveiwers were seeing and praising.

I watched an episode of the Simpsons, as that is the only show I saw on the list that I had either not DVRed or that I wasn’t interested in to begin with. I was amazed that it only stalled out a few times. The sound was very low for my speakers, but when  I plugged in my headphones I was able to hear just fine. I have this problems with YouTube sometimes, although not with iTunes. For the most part the commercials were only 30 seconds each, so it was fine. If I recall, they were all for Wall-Mart, which I wouldn’t shop at unless I was tied up and thrown in the trunk of a car, and forced at gun-point to walk into, but other than than, the experience was fine.

The shows were from various networks.  When this first came out, the story was that it was where NBC was gong to go, when it left iTunes. Granted, I wasn’t watching much of NBC on iTunes, so it didn’t affect me much. The networks which are on Hulu are, in additon to NBC, Fox, FX, Fuel, IGN, Digital Studios,  Bravo, E!, SciFi, Style, Sundance, TVG, Unversal, National Geographic, Oh!, and USA. Not all shows from these networks are there, and so, you can’t watch Doctor Who on Sci Fi, for example. The ones with the most shows are NBC and Fox (which makes sense, since the site is a joint venture between the two companies). Fox has a lot of old shows such as WKRP and Lou Grant, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, that sort of thing. Not really stuff I would want to sit in front of the computer and watch.

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