How to work well with others II

Yesterday I was writing about how to leave your work nice and clean so others could pick up the slack. Well, what happens when it is you who are picking things up from someone and it is a mess? Do you complain, so that your client knows that it is a mess, and they should be glad that they hired you? Or should you work with what you have, and mention, when the job is done, that there were some oddities, but you left it as is, without disturbing your forerunners work? Or do you silently clean it up and then point later to what a good job you did doing so?

All the answers can be right but only in certain occasions. I have done all three, and I find that the second one is often the easiest to live with, depending on how well you know your client. If you have worked with them a long time, and they know your work well, you might suggest doing the third option, of cleaning up the code, and making things more standardized, but it is best to ask permission, as it might not be in the budget, and as long as it renders on screen, they might not really care. I did a sight which will only be up for two months. My client doesn

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