How to survive power outages, and other such problems

Where I live, in the winter, I lose power for as much as a day at a time. So, I am always aware of losing data, and needing to back it. up. I always have at the back of my mind that I need to be able to move my data from my computer to another, and, to me, the easiest way, is to store everything on an external drive. That way, when my old computer, the one that would crash all the time, every day, and take 20 minutes to boot up would crash, I would move what I was working to my tap top and continue along. Otherwise, i would lose my mind.

Others have told me this is too hard, or a waste of time. But there has been many a time I have had to take my data and go to some place with electricity. I remember once, when it snowed up here (which it rarely does), and I was without power for two days, I simply took my hard drive and my lap top, and worked at a friends house.

I was reminded of this when a friends computer crashed and would not come up. I told her to just transfer the files to her lap top, but she hadn’t switched them over, so had to frantically find someone to fix her computer.

The second part of this is backing up her files, if not every day, at least downloading them onto CDs so you can look up files you worked on years ago. Jobs comes back, and you need to be able to get to them. Sometimes they are similar jobs, and it helps to not have to reinvent the wheel.

But as to daily back up, I haven’t found a good system for that.

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