How to solve, or not solve Dreamweaver CS3 problems.

As my mother used to say, when we asked her to help us with our homework, what about all the other kids who don’t have reference librarians for mothers.

Well, not we have google and the web, but what about for al those people who don’t search around to find the answer to stupid questions.

So what was my stupid question? I guess it was "Why does Dreamweaver keep doing bad things", although i would have phrased it differently than that. The problem has been that within the past two years, Dreamweaver has crashed so hard it has lost all it’s settings. At first, it would lose the bility to view a page in a browser. Later, it would forget which files I had previously opened, and then, the final insult, it would forget allt he websites that I had. It would always wait until I had quite  a bit before forgetting. The last time it happened, I backed up a few. This time when it happened, I went through and backed up the whole lot.

But I still had the problem that the program was unstable.  I’m hoping in version CS4, that they make it so you can have several sites open at once, sort of like in Fetch. In the meantime, I have to go back and forth between sites, all day long, to update them.

So, in searching around, I figured I would find the problem to the crashes, but what it came down to was, ultimatly, that I had to reinstall CS3, and not just a simple upgrade, but an uninstall and reinstall, despite all the advice.

So that is how I spent my Saturday. And I would have liked to have done something else.

And I still don’t know what caused the problem.  And the advise from the web basically says to just rebuild things. *sigh*.

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