How to raise your ranking in search engines

Sorry, I really can’t help you with this. But, my friend Julia Hyde can. Well, on some search engines she can. But as she mentions in this entry in her blog, you are facing an uphill battle with Google, who keeps changing the rules on what they use to rank with. Ha!

This is not the first time they have done this. I remember reading back in December of last year about how Google had thrown a monkey wrench in site optimization because they had changed the rules again. Perhaps they just want to keep us on their toes. According to the Search Engine Journal this happens quite frequently.

But enough about Google and it’s craziness. Lets talk about Julia. I’m so proud of her. She got written up in the Santa Cruz Sentinel recently. How did she do this? She wrote a press release about page ranking, and site optimization. She says she has very good success with her press releases, because she doesn’t write about herself, but writes about situations. She also go interviewed by another paper, but as yet, it hasn’t seen print.

So what is my advice? Oh, hire Julia Hyde of course. She has gotten her own site ranking up on some of the saner search engines, and has helped others. She could help you too. And she can write press relases for you too.l

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