How to find music

Have you ever wondered what that song was you had running through your head? I know we all have, from time to time, especially from reading some of the emails on lists I have been on. There are sites out there that will give you the words to songs, but now there is a site that will tell you where to buy the album, GoFish. You might still have to use Google, or some such, to find the actual song if you don’t know the title, though.

And, in theory, you can listen to a sample of the song once you have found it, but only if you have a PC, as it is running on Windows Media Player, with no alternative. Pity the Mac people out there.

And, in theory, it can find most albums, but not if they are obscure or non-mainstream, or, I’m not sure what, as I was unable to find some small labels, but was able to find some world music. I searched for Zap Mama, Two Nice Girls and Bitch and Animal. Go Fish found Zap Mama, but said that it found "Two Nice Girls", but when I clicked on the results, it did not bring anything up and for Bitch and Animal it didn’t find anything at all, despite the fact that it said it was searching 12 million media files. But, when I looked for Joan Armatrading, it was able to find the album and song I wanted, and was able to bring up Ani DiFranco, and tell me where I could get the music and on what platform the downloads were available, which I found quite useful.

However, I suppose most of these points are moot, because GoFish is in beta, and it doesn’t plan to be around much longer, because it is too costly to be a stand-alone, and the owner wants other search engines to license his technology. In the meantime, use the service, for what it is. It will find the albums for the most parts, and you can find out where to buy them on line, and perhaps, even listen to them.

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