How do we learn about news?

OK, this in entirely unscientific, so take all this with tons of grains of salt, but since I don’t watch much TV (first because I couldn’t get stations where I live, and then later because I fell out of the habit), I do not reach for the remote when I wonder what the heck is going on. I do listen to the radio, but it is the BBC, and so it has to be a major story for it to show up there (although they have reported on things in California, such as earthquakes and stupid things Arnold has said.)

The way I have been getting info of late, is through social media, of all places. It used to be the local lists I was on, but I don’t check those quite as often as I used to, but I do check facebook several times a day, and the other day, I got my news from there. I know people who are local, and one reported on the Brookdale fire, that happened this past week.

Heck, I could smell the smoke, only living about 5 miles from Brookdale, but then I could smell the smoke from the Lockheed fire as well, so it was hard to say where it was coming from. Once alerted, I was able to look at google news to find out a little more, but that was about it, just a little more.

I suppose that means we have come full circle, that we learn things by word of mouth?

P.S. After having written this, my iTouch went off, with an Associated Press breaking news story, about a local murder. So I guess there are even more ways I get information.

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