Housekeeping…on the computer

I delight in telling people that my first computer didn’t even have a hard drive, which is true. The first mack only had one to two floppy drives, and you would just slip in your floppy with your program on it, to make things work. Seems odd today, but my first freelance job I did was to earn money for a hard drive, all of 40 mg, which was huge to me at the time.

Back then, as someone in the graphics field, I had to constantly be doing back-ups. Even as I moved up in size of hard drive, I still had to back up my projects.

Until the last few years. My current drive is 75 GBs, and I have been merrily filing it with data for the past three years. Lately I’ve been getting a "disk-full message. Disk Full? With 75 Gigabytes? But it is true. I had had to throw things away these past few weeks. I can’t keep every attachment that has come in in email, I am down to my last gb.

So, I’m going to have to go back to burning my files on CDs, and removing some of these files, to make room.

So, when is the triagbite drive going to come out?

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  • Steve Allen Says:

    Hard drive? I suppose you never had to toggle in the boot sequence so that the system would know enough to read from the paper tape so as to load enough program to even be aware that it had a magnetic tape drive? Or how much easier it got when the system was complex enough that the toggling only had to point at the 12-inch floppy drive which would then point to the hard disc which knew about the video processor?
    And of course getting to the observatory and back was half a mile uphill both ways through the snow…
    Whippersnappers. :^P

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