Holidays and Freelancing

I’m trying and am going to go out of town. I don’t take many vacations, and when I do, I usually try to go when there are national holidays, so that my clients are on vacation too. Of course, the good thing about not going on vacation when there is a national holiday is that I get much more work done, and I don’t get interrupted by phone calls. Phone calls always come when you least expect it, and interrupt the flow of things, don’t they.

So,I am going to take Memorial Day weekend off. Yes, I actually am taking it off, going away from my computer. What a novel idea. Next year I plan to take two weeks vacation. I haven’t figured out, quite, how to do that. A friend of mine takes little quick trips all the time, but she has someone who will come in and work in her office while she is gone. I may just do that.

But in this case, I have just told my clients I am taking a few extra days off. That was sure to bring the work in, and it did. As I said to anther freelancing friend, makes me think I should go away more often.

So, no blogging for a few days. See you again in June, when I return.

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