Hey, Amazon, I don’t want to buy a book about WordPress 2.7

Usually Amazon follows what I have bought, and gets it mostly right. The other day, I got a notice that, wow, a book on WordPress 2.7 was coming out soon, would I like it.

There are several things wrong here, but the main thing is…Wordpress 2.8 is out already. It came out shortly after WordCamp, back a few weeks ago. Most books get written while the product is in alpha or beta (as I did when I wrote a book about PageMaker, low those many years ago when it was the big thing.) I am a little surprised that someone wrote a WordPress book without speaking to the people at wordpress, at least to get copies of the latest and greatest.

But, no, doing a search of Amazon brings up not only books about 2.7, but second edition books about 2.7. And I suppose most people won’t notice that it is the not the latest version, and although there are major changes, the look of the dashboard is pretty much the same.

WordPress, a non-profit, could probably make a lot of money if they came out with books when the versions were released, but on the other hand, people who would be most interested wouldn’t think about buying those books, they would rather just read what they can on-line.

Me, I do like to have a reference guide around, I have several about CSS, but sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier just to have something bookmarked.

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