Hey, Adobe, could you please rename “frame” to “state” throughout Fireworks? Thanks

OK, this is just a short rant. I have upgraded from Fireworks CS2 to CS4. A ┬ábig leap, I know, but the biggest leap is pages, and apparently “states”. States have always been there, they were just called frames. But, and this is my complaint, in the program, when you set up roll-overs, it still says that it will be working with frames. It is just a simple matter of changing the pop-up dialogue box, so that when you read it and say to yourself, “hmm, better go and make a set of rollovers in frames”, you don’t then say, “hey, what happened to frames.”

It will do no good doing a search for frames in Fireworks CS4. It won’t find it. It won’t know what it is you are looking for. You will either have to poke around until you notice something called “states’ and say to yourself, once again, and people are going to wonder why you are talking to yourself, as my family does, “oh, that sounds like what frames was used for”, and so it is.

So, other than that, and of course the expense of the suite, I am quite happy with Fireworks CS4. Please include it in the package I buy when you put out CS5. Thanks.

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