Having a life and a blog

So, how do people do it? How do they keep up their work, and write a blog, and have a life on the side as well? I’m wondering this because I’m out all weekend this week, I have had work all this week. My partner has finally moved in with me. Arggh!!! Time to write a blog? Ask me about this?

I know there are those who do great research, and have time to even read other blogs. Don’t know how they do it. I know there are those that have time to read all their email lists. I just scan them. I guess there are those that just do other things with their time, or require less sleep.

So, I’m writing today to say that since I am camping this weekend, and have had wall-to-wall work, there will be no amusing, high researched blog today. Just me saying “Arggh!!” I’m happy for the work. I’m happy for the having a life. I’ll be back soon.

See you on Monday.

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