Happy Earthday

Remember when you cared about Earth Day? Remember when the government cared too?

Well, even if the government is trying to rape the earth, there is still something you can do, and “Earth 911” is here to help you. It is all quite cool. Chris Warner has been working on the project for over 15 years. He has collected information on different states programs as well as programs the help the environment in Canada. I was hoping for something more local than state wide, but hey, this is a country wide thing. I should be too picky.

On the other hand, he has volunteers checking the water quality of all the states that face water, except for Alaska, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Maryland and Hawaii. It is is very cool, for the beaches it does have. Pity it isn’t in Santa Cruz yet, and only in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo Counties. Of course it is pretty amazing when you consider that Warner started with info in Arizona.

According to the story, by Dan Gillmor, other places to look for local info is ScoreCard and California Coastal Records Project. The California Coastal Records is cool to look at, and reminds you of how much of the beach has been built up. :(

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