Hakia.com, and what is it all about?

One of the things I do, besides sit in front of a computer all day and work on graphic design, is read the paper, which is apparently a dieing trend. I spotted an add in the business section of the Mercury News the other day that caught my eye. It was a classic, with a large amount of white space, and little words announcing a rival for Google called hakia.com. They apparently bought the add because they were at the Search Engine Strategies Conference (who would have known such a conference existed).

So, I went and checked out the site. I wasn’t overly impressed with the look, but then,  Google doesn’t look all spectacular either. What I found most interesting was their search engine tool for website and their blog. (I’ll talk more about their blog in another post.)

You won’t find out what you do, unless you go in and poke around the site. I wish they made that more clear. A lot of people go to a website, say, is that all there is, and leave. But, because I was curious, I went into look a their "scoopBar" (which is unfortunately only for IE, which rules out anyone, like me, on a Mac). But, hey, the Flash made it look cool, and added something that Google doesn’t have, the ability to jump to where it is on a page that has come up on your search, that the thing you are looking for is. And, you can save the results. Way cool. Hope they do FireFox next.

But what I really like is that they seem to not be taking them selves too seriosly. They have a "Fun and Games" section that offers music to search by. If you listen to it for a bit, it’s actually kind of fun.

I wish them luck.

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  • melek pulatkonak Says:

    Hi Laura,
    Thanks for the note!
    We are testing the Firefox version of the ScoopBar now. I will ping you when it is ready.
    Happy searching,
    Melek Pulatkonak
    COO of hakia.com

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