hakia.com and their blog

As I mentioned on Friday, I was checking out hakia.com the other day, and checked out their blog.

Now, usually, I don’t read a lot of corporate blogs. Unless they are as good as the Fake Steve Jobs, there isn’t a lot there I would find interesting. But, this was a blog that was explaining how their searches worked, and why they worked the way they did.

What was equally fascinating was a link to AltSerachEngine, which talks about giving other search engines a chance so that they can get some of the light that Google is hogging. And, as often happens on the web, reading this blog takes you into a world we have forgotten about, being so used to just typing in Google, and when we are disappointed with the results, not trying anything else, because, well, it is built into the browser and we can’t be bothered. Feh.

But, as the blog of haika points out, you can add them to your Firefox search box, and they even tell you in step by step directions (and also point out that yes, they will have their ScoopBar for FireFox in October).

So, we shall see where this is going. See, if we will leave the oh so safe Google, who wasn’t that big not so long ago.

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