Govenment “wire-tapping” the Internet

I really don’t want to write this blog. I hate the idea of the government spying on me. I hate the aspect of Big Brother, but I suppose a challenge has been given, and so I will take it up. It is all very depressing. Chris Neklason said in the recent Metro Santa Cruz article that he wasn’t going to protest, but perhaps if enough people blogged it, someone would or something would get done.

Cruzio is just a little ISP, and because they are little and local, they can say how they feel, unlike the big conglobates out there.

i saw this same information on c|net as well. All very depressing. It’s the damn patriot act that allows the government to run crazy over out civil liberties. And they are trying to do it without letting any one comment on it.

The ACLU has a page all about it. It’s not on the front page though. There are so much stuff going on, who has time to fight this? It’s as bad as the PATRIOT Act’s assault on bookstores and libraries. So much to fight, so little time.

I was please, however, to see someone in the media talking about it, even if it is only the University of Washington’s paper. On Telecomweb, there is a story that the Electronic Privacy Information Center is urging the FCC to reject the request. I’m thinking that isn’t enough.

And apparently it is not just the writing, email part of the internet the FBI wants to eavesdrop on. According to the San Jose Mercury News, they may also want to listen into VoIP (voice over internet protocol) calls.

It’s all a sad state of affairs.

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