Google moves some news to its site

I am still a dead-tree news kind of gal, at least in the morning when I get up. During the day, I listen to the BBC, and in between, I check, Google News. I have even customized it so that I get news that is tops in English speaking countries around the world.  So, I was a little surprised to read the recent story about how Google is going to be keeping new on its own pages, instead of sending you off to read the Guardian, or the Melbourne Age, or the International Herald Tribune, you would remain on Google.

As the article pointed out, Yahoo has been doing this for years, but I always found Yahoo news collecting to be rather on the dull side, which is why I prefer Google. I know that I’m going to still be able to read the major stories that are out there, Google said they aren’t changing that, but I rather enjoy leaving the site to see what the other papers are saying, besides what they are saying on the story they are reporting on. It is a good way to get lost in another world.

I know, the world changes. This reminds me of when we lost of card catalgues, where, when looking for something, you could stumble across a  book, you wouldn’t have thought of looking at, and then finding  another.

Sad that Google is the cause of this new restriction.

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