Google “AdSense” and us, Part II

So, I wrote to TypePad, since they house my blog, and they told me to put the ad in the sidebar, where the links are. I tried this, and still do not see my ads. :(

And every time I see someone running AdSense, I think, oh, it would be so easy if I just put it on my business site. I know how to do that. It is just JavaScript, no more. So why is it so hard to put into my blog? :(

It all looks so simple. And it is such a cool thing.


I just pasted the Google search in, and it has appeared, at least in this entry, and I suppose it works, but I want more, I tell you, more. (Followed by maniacal laughter).

TypePad help, which is often very helpful, doesn’t seem to understand what I want, as they suggested I turn the Javascript into text, which wouldn’t do much good, as all you would see would be text, that wouldn’t make any sence.

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