Google “AdSense” and us, Part I

“Why are things never easy?” Julia Hyde asks after we have been fiddling with Google “AdSense.”

It was all Julia’s idea. She said, this would be a way to pay for our blogs. We, of course, pay for our blog-space, despite the fact that most blogs are free. This is not to say that we didn’t look at other blogs, but after viewing each one, we kept coming back to typepad, because it gave us more.

So, when Julia suggested AdSense to help pay for the space, I thought, oh, sure, why not.

But Google doesn’t explain how to put the code in. It would be fine, I suppose if I had a regular web page, but a blog is not a regular web page, and when I tried to put the code in, it looked as though I was doing it right, but when I looked again, it wasn’t there.

And you can’t just put the code into the text part of your blog, because it doesn’t show up there. So, I’m stumped for now. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll have tried a little harder at figuring this out, and you will actually see something at the top of this blog.

2 Responses to “Google “AdSense” and us, Part I”

  • SinSeer Says:

    Hey there….
    I just installed a blog and the adsense program.
    You need to just copy/paste the google code into a part of the webpage, ie, the header, footer, or sidebar. I dunno which blog software you’re using, but it’s just a small section of script flags. If you have a template like at blogspot blogs, just throw it into the header or footer part of the template. It should work fine at that point!

  • SinSeer Says:

    Woops, I see I was too late :)

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