Goodbye to FrameMaker

I suppose it had to happen. FrameMaker, after all, hasn’t been upgraded for the Mac since before OS X, but still, I worked on it in System 9, although it drove me crazy. I had one job I did for a client, and that was it. I stumbled along in FrameMaker 7.0, despite the fact that 7.2 had come out. I even was in the middle of negciating to do another FrameMaker job when I read in Cult of Mac that classic (which is what OX 9 is now know as, will no longer exist in Leopard the newest operating version for the Mac. (OX 10.5)

Am I sad? Well, it was a interesting program to know, and I suppose, if I had to, I could upgrade it on the PC I keep in my office for running things that I can’t run on the Mac (although I have heard that the newer Macs run PC programs faster than PCs do, so perhaps I can even get rid of my poor old laptop running Windows 98)

So, it is goodbye to FrameMaker, until I get around to upgrading it on the PC, or getting an Intel Mac, or both.

As for the job that was to be in FrameMaker. I have persuaded the client to have me do it in InDesign (because, in then end, it was going to be a PDF anyway.

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