Going to WordCamp

OK, it sounds strange, that I am still using TypePad, but promoting WordPress to all my clients, but there are stranger thiings that happen in this world. I like TypePad for what it does for me, for now. I like WordPress for what I can do for my clients, and thus I am going to be attending WordCamp at the end of the month.

I love that it is open source, and people are always coming up with new skins, based on CSS, and that it is constantly evolving. This is not to say that TypePad hasn't kept up, but it often feels as though the two are in competition with each other.

So, what do I expect to learn? I don't know.  Probably the best idea to go. What I have often found, with industry conferences, is that you learn more by meeting like minded people then by actually listening to everything that the speakers have to say. I once go a book contract while chatting with an editor at MacWorld. I have found out about software that way as well, as hardware. Now, obviously WordCamp will be different from MacWorld, probably much smaller. Right now, there are over 500 people signed up, and they are listed on the WordCamp site, so you can see if people you know are going to go.

My only suggestion I would make, at this point, is to rename the conference. WordCamp sounds like a place you go to learn MS Word.

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