Getting excited about phones

I tore out a short blurb from the business section of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the other day. Unlike the San Jose Mercury News, they only have a one page business section during the week, and most of it is wire service stuff, but they try to cover the local big business, and the blurb was for Plantronics, who had introduced a new phone.

It wasn’t a cell phone. I have one of those, and I use it, but a phone for the office, the Calisto Pro Series, and yes, it is aimed a me, the home office worker. Just as I marveled at the blue tooth when it came out for cell phones, this phone has a blue tooth headset as well. Makes so much sense. I have worn out so many headsets because the cat chewed on the wires, or they got tangled, or any number of reasons. When this headset dies, (along with the phone, which is more robust then the last portable which would hang up every time I dropped it.)

But no wires for the headset, you just got to love. Just as I was always getting tangled up with the one for the cell phone, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the freedom to carry just the little ear piece around the house.

And yet, here I am, as I said, getting excited over a phone for the home-office. Ah, well, little things make a difference. Having an easy to carry phone means I can go and pick the tomatoes in the garden and carry just the ear piece, instead of the whole phone.

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