Getting clients’ approval

Unless you have a project manager, as a freelancer, you are pretty much doing your own project managing, and means getting your clients their work, and getting them to approve it so it can a) be printed or b) go online and c) be billed.

I was scrolling through many of the email newsletters I receive when I saw an ad. I don’t normally clink on banners, but this one caught my eye. It said ” You rush to meet your client’s deadline, only to sit and wait. Again…” Turns out is is an ad for I was hoping it was a service that could get clients to focus on what you sent them and turn it around and approve it, and such. Wouldn’t that be nice?

No, it is a service that is suppose to making proofing easy and quick, and therefore easier for clients to use. For $US29.95 a month, can they actually grab the client by the shirt lapels, and stick them down in front of the computer to look at the blasted thing and approve it? No, that isn’t what the monthly charge does. Drat. I have the means to do everything else that this site does. Sending someone a pdf gives them the proof, and then all they have to do is write back and tell me what the changes are. The only difference is with their 29.95 a month, you can mark up pdfs directly on the computer. I somehow doubt that would make the client jump up and down and rush to get me changes. No, my clients have a life, and their priorities are not my priorities, until their dealine passes, and then they remember me.


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