Getting bits of OS 10.4 early

One of the reasons that Adobe stopped supporting certain programs for the Mac, was the Apple started bundling them into their system, or making them very in expensive. (Gee, sounds like a Microsoft trick doesn’t it). So, I suppose I should be surprised to read that OS 10.4 will have something called “Dashboard” which is already available as an add-on for the Mac by a company called “Konfabulator“. So, I guess for about the next six months they will be rolling in clover. I wonder what will happen when Tiger comes out? Will they go out of business.

But, you have to make hay while the sun shines, and for now they are tweaking Apple’s nose for saying that Microsoft will copy Apple, when Apple has copied Konfabulator. On their blog page on the 28th of June they said they weren’t worried, because what they had was better than Dashboard.

I’ve never had a dash board, and I’m not sure that I need one, but I love gadgets, so I might just get this. When I tested it, I found that some of the little bits were quite cool. Although I have a home office, and I can see what the weather is outside, one of the widgets is a little weather thing, that shows the high and low for today as well as tomorrows weather. Another cool feature is the wastebasket, that comes outfront, and shows you how many items you have in there.. Very neat. There is even a “Werewolf Monitor” that shows the phases of the moon.

Now all I have to worry about is that I’ll play with these widgets, instead of doing work. Oops, not so great a time saver is it then. :)

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