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I am a news junky without a tv, which makes it kind of hard, at times, to find out what is happening locally. But in today’s San Jose Mercury News, there is an article about a website that is supposed to have news tailored to your community, called Topix.

I love how I can get news from all over the world, with Google News. I sometimes set it to the UK, or to New Zealand, just to see what is at the top of news there, so I can be less focused on the US.

But to get local news, that would be so cool. Well, it doesn’t work quite as well as Google. If there are only local papers, that is the same news as you would get from the local paper’s sites. If you don’t have any local papers, the news won’t be all that local. :(

Well, it is still in start-up, so I supposed couldn’t expect too much, but it would be nice if it could magically get me all the news that I can’t get over the net. I already subscribe to all the local papers. I want more.

Sort of like what I would get if I had a TV, and could watch the local news.

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  • Rich Skrenta Says:

    We’re trying to include as many sources beyond local newspapers as possible — police department web notices, health department inspection reports, coast guard alerts, plus any local weblogs we can find. But we still have a ways to go.

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