Fuzzmail, and why I don’t think I will ever use it

I read about Fuzzmail in the paper the other day. According to the article, the cool thing about this program is it shows what you have erased from your email, sort of like a having tracking on in MS Word.

Now, I can undestand the need for it in Word. You have to see what people have changed. But why in the world would you want people to see what you had written in an email, and crossed out. According to the article, it would be sort of like emoticons. They could see what you were thinking, before you changed your mind, and therefore see into your very soul, or something like that.

What a bunch of tripe. If I wanted people to see what I had crossed out, I wouldn’t have crossed it out. Emails have become the snail-mail letters of yesteryear, and you want them to be as perfect as possible, especially when you are writing business email.  The article explained that you could write things like "you stupid jerk" and then show that your crossed it out to say "dear sir". What would be the point.

So, I went to the Fuzzmail site and realized that it wasn’t an email program, but rather a device made to show people how you are thinking. It is free, and you link into the site, type your letter, and then the person you wrote to gets to see a real time example, rather like a recording of your keystrokes.

Once  I  checked it out, I was not so angry about the stupidity of it. It was just for fun.

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