FTP programs for System X

Recently on one of my email lists, someone asked about what was an alternative to Dreamweaver. They weren’t using it to compose, but as an FTP program, which I found interesting. True, I use Dreamweaver for that, but not just that, and sometimes Dreamweaver’s FTP client can’t do what I want. It can’t to a virtual directory, while Fetch can.

I’ve been using Fetch since I started needing to FTP, before I even started using Dreamweaver, so I was interested to see what else was out there. One of the programs mentioned quite often was RBrowser.. Apparently Panther and Jaguar (System X.2 and System X.3) are so different you have to download two different files depending on which system you are running. RBrowser appears to work very much like a finder window, which seems more PC like than Mac like, but what the hey. You drag from one window to the other to put things on. What I like about this program is it will tell you what the settings on each file are.

Also Fugu,
which I downloaded, because it was free, and looked like it worked well with System X. (Two good reasons.) Fugu apparently is the edible part of a blowfish. But it didn’t work for me, because it never asked me for my password, and so I couldn’t get into the site.

Another nice FTP program is called “Interarchy” from Kagi, which also lets you try before you buy. (It’s purchase price is $39), but it has a feature that checks for broken links. But once again, you don’t drag and drop from within the same split window, so it is more like Fetch.

I like trasmit2 the best. It is all in one window, like the dreamweaver window, which is so intuitive. They let you download a free evaluation copy, so you can try before you buy, which is a great idea. It’s only $24.95, so it isn’t all that bad. It doesn’t seem to be able to handle virtual directories though, which is something I need for one of my clients.

So I guess I’ll stay with Fetch for just a while longer.

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