Friday’s Fun Day

It is hard, sometimes, to come up with new sites to talk about on Friday, because I tend to hang out at the same sites a lot, once I like them, but here goes my picks for this week. And who I got these from? Daphna posted them on the SFWow list. Her blog is here.

  • This first one is just a graphics joke. If you have been in graphic design long enough, you run into clients who must have their logo bigger, because, after all, it is the most important part of the art. (It is also a promo for a web design company, a very cleaver promo at that.
  • This is a Flicker site with ads from the 50s. I just find it cool to look back to that time, and see how people thought we should be thinking, when we saw these ads.
  • And speaking of things from the past, this is a website of fads from the 1920s to 2000.

So that is it for this week. Be good.

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