Friday sites to lose yourself in

As I’ve said in other posts, I make it a habit of going to the Comics Curmudgeon’s site. We all have our vices, and I guess reading witty comments about comic strips and beyond is one of mine. What I love is that people’s views and knowledge are not limited to just comics, though comics makes up a large part of it. I mean, where else can you learn that there is such a site as the following:

  • Portraits of Queen Elizabeth I: I know, you really need this site. I know you stay up late wondering which painting of Queen Elizabeth is called the Rainbow portrait. This was brought up because it was the image in a comic strip called The New Adventures of Queen Victoria.
  • Archie McPhees: This is a site that has all the junk you always wanted as a kid, and now can afford to have as an adult. I actually know of this site before someone mentioned it on the cc site, but it was fun to see it again. Someone at a recent Morris Ale gave these out to the adults and children there.
  • Clich╠ęs in Blogs: This is fun to look at, as it talks about all the blogs that are out there, and that will come up at some point. Don’t recall how this came up in conversation, but it if fun to look at.
  • Netflex for books: This is quite cool, that is, if you don’t have a library near by, which if you do, you might just use it to check out DVDs as well as books, but for those who don’t have that, and don’t want to buy books, this is quite cool.
  • Comic shop in Amsterdam.
    Gives history of comics in general as well as comics in Holland. They
    cover the history of comic book in the U.S. and Holland. Fun to flip
    through, so to speak.

And that is it for Friday sites. Don’t spend too much time there, or you’ll never get any work done.

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