Friday Sites to have fun with (or all Google, all the time)

Todays Friday Fun Sites is all Google. I didn’t intend to do an all Google day, but it started to get that way, so I decided to give in to it. I guess it is just something that has to be, from time to time.

  • First up, an article on how Google Earth works, as I’m sure you all were wondering. Apparently it is a little more than just satellites.
  • Next, an article about how Google would look like if it had to follow it’s own rules about optimizing for Google.
  • And and lastly, a fun game, which is actually an exercise to help Google label images. It sounds stupid, but my gosh, it is a lot of fun, and a great time waster as well. I got my daughter hocked on it, and she loves to play it when she has time, as do it.

So, that should do it for another time wasting Friday. Have fun.

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