Friday sites to check

Sometimes I come across sites that I think others should read, so here goes with todays Friday sites.

A few years ago, on this very blog, I wrote about ways to upload large files to clients. At the time, I knew of only one way to do so. Well, I came across this site, the other day, when I was having the same problem, and it listed 10 ways to do so. I can’t actually voch for any one of them. Although I have used, in the past, I have used both Drop Send and YouSendIt. However, neither worked for me, this last time, and I had to put the file up on an FTP site.  Oh well.

This other site is one that I found out about, again, on the Chris Evans show on BBC2 radio. This is a site that talks about a water bottle that can filter water and clean it up. It is called, of all things, the LifeSaver. According to the interview, as well as this article, the guy came up with the idea after the last tsunami. Very cool. And the UN and the Military are both interested in it. War and peace.

I would think that the earthquake authority would love it. It would work great for those of us who work in earthquake  country. I don’t know how much it is. It sounded like $195, when they mentioned it on the air. As of when I am writing this, they have not yet posted the price.

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