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The San Jose Mercury News has, despite all their cuts, has been keeping their business section in good shape. If not for that, and the Road Show column, I doubt I would subscribe to the dead-tree-version.In fact, sometimes I see things in the dead-tree version that I don’t catch if I skim the paper on-line, such as the little blurb about SK*rt.

Sk*rt is a site of links, contributed by its readers, in this case, readers who are heavily into more "feminine" interests such as crafts, and recipes, at least that was the impression I got from the Merc article.

When I went to look at it, I actually found information about growing your blog, eating healthy, and freecycle,  which is a website for recycling perfectly good stuff, by giving it away to people in your community.

Equally cool is that when you hold your mouse over the url that is being recommended, a picture of the said site will pop up. Not that you need to see a thumbnail, but it is kind of nice.

Also neat, if finding out how many of the  readers voted on the sites mentioned. I suppose because the site is so new, the numbers are faily low, in the teens, but it will probably grow.

An interesting enough site, Sk*rt is, but don’t know if I’ll use it that much, although it is good to know it exists. See, there is a use for the paper, other than lining the bird cadges.

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