Friday sites of interest

It is always interesting to find cool sites to write about. Sometimes I go back in my blog and see what it was I wrote about that I enjoyed. The following site, except for the first one, were recommended on one of the lists I belong to, San Francisco Women on the Web. I have been on this list since the bad old beginning of the century, and although I don’t get a chance to read all the emails that come through I do get some cool information when I do. Some of the women there also belong to Women in Consulting, another organization which has a mailing list community.

  • The first one is Design View. I wrote about this site earlier in the week, and after disagreeing with him, I found I had very much in common with him, and found his article on deadlines to be very accurate.
  • The second one is Jeremiah Owyang’s blog "Web Strategy by Jermiah" Interesting reading and advice.
  • The third recommendation is "Connecting the Dots" on analyzing what we see around us.
  • And lastly, TruthDig, analyzing the headlines and the stories in the news, going a little deeper.

All these sites will take you away from what you are doing, lead you to spending time when you should be working or socializing with  your friends and family, and basically turning off the computer.

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