Friday Sites: How I get my news

It used to be that I only got my news from the radio and the newspaper. And, to some extend, I still do, although the radio is now BBC over the internet, and sometimes the paper is on-line as well. But the most interesting thing I discovered is that I don’t always go to the news sites for news. I used to go to Google News, and read through it, but that can get to be a bit of a drag, even though I have loaded it with news of the world. No, what I am going to list is how I get that news that I pick up during the day when I have a chance to read a bit onlne.

  • First choice is Boing Boing. You wouldn’t think of it as a news site, but I have picked up the sort of news I am interested in, there. I have picked up some of the books they have reviewed, as well, and reading more about the latest bit of leaked information. I guess I am their demographic.
  • OK, yes, I get news from the Fake Steve Jobs blog. Like Boing Boing, he discusses the sort of news I am interested in. What is up with the latest on Facebook, what is going on with Google, and even what is happening in the world of the Mac.
  • And speaking of Mac, while I used to hang at at MacWorld, I have found the Cult of Mac to have the sort of short topics I like and have time to read. I used to get MacWorld, in the dead-tree version, but byk the time the issue comes out, it is all old news.
  • and finally, I love reading Point of View. He is currently talking about the Writers Strike, but he also talks a lot about comics and comic books, and all the sort of things that I grew up with and still love to read.

So that is it. At least for the blogs that I read to get info on. For laugh, of course, I read Comic Curmudgeon.   No news there, unless you count the latest analysis of Mary Worth and Mark Trail.

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