Friday sites for those in California, heck those in Santa Cruz

OK, I am going to be religionistic today, because I am going to list sites that are really only of interest to people in California, and really, perhaps, of interest in Santa Cruz County itself. Because sometimes I just have to know what is going on in my own backyard, so to speak, and these are the sites that help me do so. After all, Google News isn’t going to tell me what is happening down the street, unless it as a major terrorist attack, or a student gone postal.

  • Recent Earthquakes in California: Believe me, this makes sense to anyone from California. This is the site to check if you have felt a large truck rumbling by, or a trembler. Were you just tired, or did the desk really move. It is very accurate and very fast.
  • CHP Traffic Information Page: This site is great, and I have found it wonderful for checking to see what is on my route. I was able to find out why the CHP were down the street (a motorcycle had driven into the bridge), and what was on fire (a house had burned down). It is updated constantly, and gives details.
  • Speaking of fires, there is Fire Dispatch: This site lets you know what has happened around you. For example, when I looked just now, I see that a medical emergency is going on in Scotts Valley. This site covers Santa Cruz, San Mateo,  San Ramone Valley and Palo Alto
  • Another fire site is Cal Fire, (formally California Department of Forestry). This is important where I live, because we are covered by Cal Fire as well as the local fire department. It is frustrating to smell smoke and not know where it is coming from, when you live in the woods. It is a sad state of affairs that in addition to having a rainy winter and a hot summer, we have a dry fall, and that is fire season.

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