Friday fun sites, this week, comics

I have mentioned the comic curmudgeon in the past, and you may wonder what this has to do with graphic design or anything related to art. Well, as I believe I have mentioned before, when I was growing up I wanted to be a comic book artist, or draw for the newspapers. I even did a comic strip, for a time, for a monthly newsletter, but it was very labor intensive, and I haven’t drawn comics since, concentrating on the world of web and graphic design. This does not mean I do not follow the comics trade, I do, and thus we have the Friday list of sites that will be of interest to those who enjoy comics.

  • Dysfunctional Family Circus : This is a great site if the sickingly sweet Family Circus gets to you from time to time. This site has the comics with alternative captions.
  • Fake tickets This one is only comics related because you can create fake concert tickets for events that never happened, such as Gail Martin, the made up singer in Gil Tharp
  • Pages where you can read a bunch of newspaper comics: this is in case your local paper doesn’t print all of your favorites
  • and the Houston Chronicals page which has them all together.
  • History of the shrinking Sunday comics

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