Freelance Friday sites

OK, there are so many sites out there, that can suck up your time, that I seem to making it a habit telling you about them on Friday, so here goes with this weeks selections.

  • Freelance site: This is a site for freelancers.  I’m sure that others would get something out of this. I love, on this site, the "12 breeds of Client." I have worked with at least one of each of those listed here.
  • I also liked their Freelancer Freedom comic strip. I guess you are getting the idea why this is such a cool site to hang around on.
  • The nice thing about the Freelance site is that it links to some very useful site, among them this one for how to write a subject line so that people will open your email (and the spam filter won’t trash it.
  • Women in Consulting: While this might not be fun, it is useful. This is a live, in person organization, as well as virtual one. I have belonged to a lot of these, but I have found that in the past that they didnt’ quite relate to me. This one, however, does seem to hone in on a lot of the things I am interested on as a sole proprietor. This is not a site to visit so much, as an organization to get involved in.

I think that is probably enough for today. If I keep looking around, I will never get any work done. This is why I am amazed at bloggers who frequently update during the day, such as Mark Evanier’s blog.This guy is a writer, and yet as I check his blog throughout the day, he has posted several times. How does he do it.

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