Forms, forms and forms

Have you ever had to design a website on a clients server, and then come to be asked to do the form? For some, this is an easy task. For others, they have to hire the process out. That’s what I’ve been doing. But recently another freelancer told me she’s been using FormProcessorPro, so I thought I would check it out.

I’m not talking about designing the form. Any program can do that, and you can probably do it yourself. What I am talking about is making the form function.

FormProcessorPro is not free. It does cost a little, but less than you might pay someone to get your form functional, $29, and could you get all these features for that much?

Best of all, you are not forced to only use it for PHP or Pearl or ASP. It comes in all three versions, so you can customize it depending on your server configuration.

They do not have big, big names on their customer list, but they do have users around the world, which says something for how versatile they are. Actually, that my friend recommenced them, says more than who their clients are.

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  • Victor Says:

    Hello Laura,
    I’m trying to make work some forms with formprocessor pro with no success. I’m not very experienced; I do only set up my own pages (i.e. with software not requiring much knowledge. The main file of formprocessor pro doesn’t work ( What may be the reason? (neither my hoster nor the formprocessor pro support answered yet my mails…). I hope not to be disturbing you at work; if you have no time to answer simply ignore this message. Thank you,
    Victor Harvey

  • porle Says:

    Yeah FPP is good, it bugs me that you cant use SSI in the the error/preview and thanks pages, other than that, so far so good.

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