Forget SMS, now you all must have email

I was reading the "Librarians who say ***" the other day and saw this entry, about people needing email accounts to apply for jobs. As I read the comments, I realized they mean everyone. Not high-end engineers, but sales clerks on down the line.

When I first started out in Graphic Design, one of the jobs I had was with a recruitment advertising company, which would put ads in the paper for various companies. (This was back before job boards such as Monster took all the money away from the papers). One of the problems we always had was if we should tell people to appy by email. Back then, the assumption was that most people who were not in the tech world didn’t have email.

Now, apparently, it is the assumption that everyone does have email. So, these poor entry level people have to trudge to the library every day to check their email because they can’t afford a computer, much less an internet connection.

What are they thinking?

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