Fonts and point sizaes Mac/PC Part V

Ok, this is the last time I’ll talk about points for a while.

I have a request to those with 20/20 vision. A lot of us older people don’t have that any more, and when you design a page that looks oh so cool, with little tiny type, set in gray, it is really hard to read. And perhaps I am being an old fogy, but anything that makes a website hard to read, with jutting colors, and flash running all over the place, and music being played, doesn’t make it easy for some of use to use the site. But perhaps that is the point.

There is a typeface category called “Distressed Type”. You can see an example of it here, on the House Industries’s website or here at Adobe. And according to “My Fonts“, there are many more categories of fonts than I could recall off the top of my head. They list “San Serif”, “,”Slab Serif”, “,”Script”, “,”Decorative and display”, “,”Venetian”, “,”Garaolde”, “,”Transitional”, “,”Modern”, “,”Engraved”,
“,”Glyphic”, “,”Blackletter”, “,”Computer-related”, “,”Monospaced”, “,”Legible”, “,”Funny”, Mathematical”, “,”symbol”, and “picture”.

What is funny is that as people become more aware of type, they also seem to be come less aware. I know of a website where the entire site rendered in Comic Sans. It was dreadful.

And for designers to have to use Ariel and Times for websites is difficult too. I have run into so many that keep putting the html rendered text in their designs in something fancy, only to have me construct it in Ariel, and they ask why.

Oh well. Enough musings for today.

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  • Les Posen Says:

    Came here via MacSurfer. Interesting comments from a pro user perspective, but…. every entry I read either has a typo, spelling mistake, poor grammar, doubled words, etc., that for me is rather off-putting. Are you in that much of a hurry to throw your thoughts into print that you can’t proof check?

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